144 million americans just had their identities stolen,
Are your dealers and their clients protected?

Take a look at a proven DATA BREACH DEFENSE and IDENTITY THEFT solution for your automotive dealers and their clients.

Tri-PAC has recovered dealerships and their customers who have gone through the terrible experience of a data breach. We’re also proud of our 100% success rate on customer Identity Recovery since we launched the product 12 years ago. Download our FREE resources to compare your options:

Dealer Protection: Data Breach Defense


Tri-PAC’s Information Defense program is designed to help your dealers protect their assets and private information in today’s high risk environment. Tri-PAC’s Data Breach solution offers the best in class prevention and protection for today’s dealership.

  • Convert Compliance into F&I Profit
  • Data Breach Detection & Protection
  • Helps Dealers Become Red Flag Compliant
  • Incident Response Dealer Guide
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Identity Theft Protection: One Call Recovers It All


More than ever, consumers are suspect and concerned about the security of their personal information. Credit monitoring alone isn’t enough. Tri-PAC’s Identity Theft Protection and Recovery Services go far beyond basic reports and scores. Our policy protects and provides full restoration through our one call recovery plan which has a 100% success rate.

  • Single & Family Recovery (including children)
  • Credit Monitoring + Internet Monitoring (dark web)
  • Certified RM Specialist Assigned to your Case
  • $1 Million Insurance
  • Lost Wallet Replacement
  • Child ID Recovery
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